Friday, May 8, 2015


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Tuesday, August 6, 2013


it was fragmented
broken and extended
an arm bloodied by
the war we pretended
it was hard and tough
and cold in the land
we beat ourselves
bloody by our own
driving hand
time expanded and
flew at us
like wild birds
we knew we could
not understand
all the words
but we traveled
and traveled
till our souls
were tired too
then finally we
rested under
skies not so blue
it was fragmented
and torn
it was ripped into
as we watched all
the monsters climb
back under beds
as we watched our
with the loss of our love
from pillows of
in boughs up above
it was fragmented
stolen and yes so
it just wasnt enough
for the time
that was lended
so I gave it back
to you and I wished
you all well
then i went to wage
war in the boughs
of my hell

it was fragmented
broken and extended
it was something
that only with
could be mended.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

pain is bliss

the answer could be swift
a gift given freely
see me and know the truth
proof of madness
lean in and kiss my lips
sip my soul for your hunger
no longer time to reflect
neglect me again, please
seize the moment of torment
dont relent, just press on
son of satan, bride of hell
swell with spill after spill
pill to make you forget
I get it now, its dark
hark to the void of your soul
hole that can never be filled
drill this into your head
dead, death and his friends are fine
blood is spilled
twine your fingers into my own
atone for your sins and mine
time has no more place in this
kiss me, drown me ..what bliss
you are so kind
but come on more
lets rewind

Saturday, June 29, 2013

How do I kill the heart

So how do you kill the heart?
This thing I wish to impart
a lesson neither cruel nor

embraced by love’s poor fool.
Be it hemlock in a haze
or the sudden drunken craze
Or shall it be the deep pits
of sadness when my will quits
Give me radioactive material
or some rat posion in my cereal
A sudden blow to the brain
while driving manic through the rain
So many ways to die, but can you kill the heart
I often ask myself each time we do depart
Would this terrible wrenching sadness cease to be
or would it play the ghost inside my haunted memory?

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If you should hide

A voice upon the breeze
caresses and reminds me
that you are near-
still near as a whisper.
I turn, gasping, to greet you.
Before me, open trail
and I am alone.
A warmth upon my neck,
I back into a wall of flesh.
Smiling, I turn to see you and
my lover dissapates before me.
Where have you roamed?
My heart beats in unison
with your memory.
Now, only for moments,
you hold me near.
Then, you leave me lying,
buried in the autumn foliage.
Your love for me fades
as does your countenance.
If you should hide,
I am still yours.
Even as you run away
into the forest cover,
I will wait here for you–
I promise.
Until you place your phantom
fingers upon my kiss
then bend to take my
soft flesh between your lips–
devouring me.
Tho your presence is rare
and seasons change,
my love does not.

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Friday, June 28, 2013


Should you find the way out
show me how
fidgeting and angry
feel alone
and torn
should you find the way out
no longer hurt
and neglect
this is now
should you find the way out
take a bow
and maps
show us how
so tired, sweetie
just wanna speak
and cry
should you find the way out
for it hurts me so
to watch your pain grow
and I know that you know that I know...
should you find the way out