Friday, March 29, 2013

come to me

come to me
see and...

tell me
what I

the ride has
been long and
dwindling the spell...

it' been hell

come to me
please and sir...
stir it up

you who
hide from

plays with my mind
blind to what you see

come to me
I plee...

touch me....

take me...

as you wish

my lips are hard pressed
from rejecting

and yet denying
crying nightly for

what I
flaunt it...I see you
so blue...

every song
they speak
what I
am afraid
play after play...

come to me
see me

end my torment
spent craving
raving nightly...

brush my
my face
and I shall
dive into
your eyes
sighs and...

kiss me
wipe the
unclean from
my face
your hand upon my flesh

with holy sin

please do it

break my heart now
if I am mistaken

taken I am
by you

its true
come to me

and I shall
come to you...

Thursday, March 14, 2013


done with it...

no more sweetly dreamed
love beams emanating
from my eyes...

no lies

mo more surprises
and enterprises of love


yes, I wanted a kiss
but reality slaps, hard!
I am flung to the floor
I opened this door

with you...

and viewed...

my downfall

she was half blonde, not tall
but something to be contemplated
she situated your heart
pushing buttons
I couldn't find

remind me...
why did I want this thing?

no matter...

I am ...

done with it

this song I will not sing
no longer
I am, in fact, much stronger
roving eyes, tapping keys
green dots...
are you there?
oh yeah...I don't care
gazing at stats
and feeling blue
seems I am gradually


and eventually

forgetting you


or in the process of...

-to be correct
I have grown real
and far above it
so I can


done with it!!

I cannot stress
this enough
times may get rough


I quit
I am done
quite finished
I am...

simply don't give a damn

...or in the process of

so let me be
let me pull together
that which was
worn and drug through teasing waters
full of broken bottles and shit

for future reference
and too much information
...this is it

And I said I would quit

don't look at me
with those eyes
then blame me
for your sin...

I am done with it

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A light was shone for me

A light was shone for me
by way of hurt
a place was freely given
and hard life learnt
a love was killed
by way of pain
a hand was skilled
...gifted to build again
a mind was rent
and thoughts were eaten
because of younger
precious maleviolent creatin
a darkness darker was enfolded
child that won...unfettered
a thing was left undone
made for worse or bettered
...oh I am bringing life back home
taking gently from the grave
no longer will I roam
no more will I crave
A light was shone for me
much farther than my own
a thing was taken harshly
in moments it was gone
A light was shone for me
and this light will remain
a light was shone to me
and it was darkness...
come again.