Friday, May 27, 2011

A giggle with God

God sat with me a bit and told me just a part of it
and with my lies I bid him stay for a night and then a day.
For I had so much to share sitting in my underwear
being me and just the same, he knew my heart and yes, my name.
God was cool and just a dude, he was in the brightest mood
I smiled real big and oh so happy, as he told his tale so sappy
of how love would conquer all for the big and for the small
and how rich the meek would be, even him up in the tree.
He who offered christ his rest, dinner-conversation's best
Zaccariah was his name, oh , i giggled at that name
oh I chuckled, squealed and fluttered at sound of the strange name.

God he rose and chose to leave, and to what I cannot believe
yes, he scolded me right there, yes, there in my underwear.
He said, "girl, you should listen still, its my power and my will
why is everything of mirth, way back to your time of birth?
When you laugh in the face of god you will surely get the rod
you will know he deals quite fair, you will feel it in his care
so, be quiet nymph of night or you shall meet your dooming plight
of such death you joke about as you flutter, scream and shout
little fairy, see my fire, neither killer, nor the liar
shall avoid their given fate,that only I can seperate

So I stopped my silly game, did not giggle at that name
Quite shadows I retired, as his pure glory fire fired
away he went so soft so still, leaving me with my own will.

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