Sunday, February 17, 2013


contained and drained
here we go again
man, you push further
murdered the will to be
free, so says the caged bird
I heard I will be locked away
not today..but soon
moon is full, but I cannot be wild
child of circumstance and done
one, I am one with nothing
running and grasping straws
maws open to devour
hour by hour i submit
I say...
quit misunderstanding the sickness
the quickness of our faults
assaults again and cripples
ripples explode across the brain
pain is unusual and deadly
a medly of this and that
a cat in a fairy mask
a flask of bad wine...
mine, you cannot be but remain
in my brain...a strain of beauty
impunity, a maker of cruelty
duelty, two and twice of us
must the game grow weary
clearly, you have put me away
today, already you close the box
rocks, you sink me deeper
weeper who weeps not
got no love for me, see
agee to not agree
free?? I am contained
ingrained into my self loathing
but yet...
 you hold me still

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