Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The heart is still at it....

To feel the spark between our touch
would feel like heaven and such…
would feel like mezmerizing
tantalizing magic, too much!
your face so close, lips on my ear
my breath is yours, when you are near
oh how I wish, oh how I wish
for you, right here…right now
Just a vow and maybe more
I swear I heard you at my door
I heard you gasp and laugh in glee
you wanted oh much more of me
and in a moment, a little rush
I saw that moment in a push
I stopped mid breath
my heart was skipping
and yours was mine and ripping
despite your silly little fears
your heart spoke my name
amidst your tripping
through cyber tears
and senseless fears
you broke
then I awoke
you were not here
still chokes me

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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Caught in passing

At the moment I felt it,
your leaving was profound.
 For that moment
In that moment,
 I felt it inside
 like an urging.
I felt you pass through
the film of reality
into something else.
Don't wonder where you went

please, poor soul...

for I would lie to you

saw nevaeh tahw tlef I?

or hell...

Do not ask me about it.
I felt you leave
that moment in time...
when time reversed for us
and then began again...

without you.

Sunday, April 3, 2011


Kiss me once more
as you lay me down to sleep.
I feel your heartbeat next to mine,
'tam tam'... that pounds so distant and so deep;
and yet just in my ear.

But you’re no longer here.
Soft whispers bring my sleep
as dawn breaks slowly; the sky is clear.
Smiling, I fall into dreams of you
 telling me  goodbye. Should I cry?

Of course I shouldn’t …So I say goodnight.

 Sometimes I do not quite know why
your words gets mingled in mine.
But this fleeting image of you
burns into all time.
I hold my pillow closely
burying my tears in softness;
smelling the scent of truth
and letting you soak into my skin.

where did it begin?

I still search, frantically, desperately;
within my tumultuous mind–yes, within.

I need to find the reason for this
a reason, a poem, a rhyme
My memory fades into the scenes
of chaotic sleep; my mind
Chances to dream and
follow our shadows that intertwine.

I offer my heart with thorns
 that tangle
my love with yours and yours with mine.