Sunday, June 26, 2011

Paranoid bliss

Yes, I am scared of your own reflection
and I am scared of mine too.
please peel me free from this rendition of
what erupted into life anew
false hope, I convince myself
that you must fill me with
that's how it goes, deep into
a wandering version of a myth
what if i can climb to the surface
show my face? It is slipping-
surely slipping, from my
hands back to that place.
I can kill it, dead as dead has been
but yet, gets
the best of me- I cannot see
My dread wrapped in admiration
sometimes it pricks the scenes
with fascination-I feel it break
As soon as words erupt and become real
oh, this is the torturous pain
I take and that I feel.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

sweet agony

Has my blood pumped ever so urgently
as when you were mine,
I sit and waste time
dawdling in our fantasies.
Each moment is but a fleeting
memory in the making
each night a dream
of you would awaken
Have my fists clenched so tightly
oh so desperately, I cannot pray
if you were but a breath away...
"oh stay, please don't leave"
I would ask,
"and weather this horror with me,
this task."
I find happiness that could never be,
Has my heart ever ached like this
in this blindness I see?
A lie would be truth,
if both were free.
Have I grown hungry with thoughts
of this,
an eerie hollow disguised as bliss?
Or has it all been lost in
that very last kiss
have my tears finally
given me the answer...
Is this my madness
come to fruition?

Sunday, June 12, 2011


Within the thorny tangles,
there is no escape.
I keep tracing the lines
of your face finding
winding roads-
dead ends..and no amends.
All those smiles
with empty eyes, yes
generate the most powerful
lies, I would guess
One captivity falls
victim to another
yet I deem to smother
in kisses sweet.
With lingering
words so afraid this
is where I been
this is where I laid.
Winding, pulling,
tugging touches
yet, every sentiment
and my heart blushes...
Every doomed and unfit
poison seduction-
a powerful concoction
among the prickly
brambles of a poor production.
There is simply no excuse
for a love like this.