Sunday, March 20, 2011

I do love you

It doesnt matter, it seems
if love's tied in a  knot

you fill my dreams with you

with rough roving hands
you take my soul and place
it into your own space
witchcraft, I say
but you smile it away
and tell me that I am a funny girl
I push away over my shoulder, the ginger curl
and giggle in time with your climax.

oh dear, you push me too far
into your sticky sweet dark thickening tar
doesnt matter at all
if I choose to fall...
into your strong arms and gasp in delight
I could love you and lose my sight
wouldn't matter
your heartbeat pounds against my ear
as i pull you ever closer, near
I have no regrets as of yet
but my love is like a drunken pirouette

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