Tuesday, August 6, 2013


it was fragmented
broken and extended
an arm bloodied by
the war we pretended
it was hard and tough
and cold in the land
we beat ourselves
bloody by our own
driving hand
time expanded and
flew at us
like wild birds
we knew we could
not understand
all the words
but we traveled
and traveled
till our souls
were tired too
then finally we
rested under
skies not so blue
it was fragmented
and torn
it was ripped into
as we watched all
the monsters climb
back under beds
as we watched our
with the loss of our love
from pillows of
in boughs up above
it was fragmented
stolen and yes so
it just wasnt enough
for the time
that was lended
so I gave it back
to you and I wished
you all well
then i went to wage
war in the boughs
of my hell

it was fragmented
broken and
yes...so extended
it was something
that only with
could be mended.