Saturday, June 29, 2013

If you should hide

A voice upon the breeze
caresses and reminds me
that you are near-
still near as a whisper.
I turn, gasping, to greet you.
Before me, open trail
and I am alone.
A warmth upon my neck,
I back into a wall of flesh.
Smiling, I turn to see you and
my lover dissapates before me.
Where have you roamed?
My heart beats in unison
with your memory.
Now, only for moments,
you hold me near.
Then, you leave me lying,
buried in the autumn foliage.
Your love for me fades
as does your countenance.
If you should hide,
I am still yours.
Even as you run away
into the forest cover,
I will wait here for you–
I promise.
Until you place your phantom
fingers upon my kiss
then bend to take my
soft flesh between your lips–
devouring me.
Tho your presence is rare
and seasons change,
my love does not.

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