Sunday, April 3, 2011


Kiss me once more
as you lay me down to sleep.
I feel your heartbeat next to mine,
'tam tam'... that pounds so distant and so deep;
and yet just in my ear.

But you’re no longer here.
Soft whispers bring my sleep
as dawn breaks slowly; the sky is clear.
Smiling, I fall into dreams of you
 telling me  goodbye. Should I cry?

Of course I shouldn’t …So I say goodnight.

 Sometimes I do not quite know why
your words gets mingled in mine.
But this fleeting image of you
burns into all time.
I hold my pillow closely
burying my tears in softness;
smelling the scent of truth
and letting you soak into my skin.

where did it begin?

I still search, frantically, desperately;
within my tumultuous mind–yes, within.

I need to find the reason for this
a reason, a poem, a rhyme
My memory fades into the scenes
of chaotic sleep; my mind
Chances to dream and
follow our shadows that intertwine.

I offer my heart with thorns
 that tangle
my love with yours and yours with mine.

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