Monday, March 14, 2011

The girl inside

She sang a song so lovely
it rang thru time and space.
She sang a song of nothing
and then caressed my face.

Her heart was torn in peices
but she sang her song to me.
I saw the smile of torment
and longed to set her free.

I could not be the one,no
to bring her peace it seemed,
for all the love in heaven
could never fix the dream.

She sang of pain and lonliness
that soothed me all night long.
She ran her fingers thru my hair
then gave to me, her song.

So when I sleep I think of her
residing in my mind.
I'll feel her touch so tenderly
her voice I will rewind.

Her song it stays forever
inside the hell I feel.
I hear her sing of heaven
and I believe it's real.

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