Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Not Away

Your deep, so many,
they have graced me one by one
And so the saddest failings have
returned void of the one.
You have danced with me, and me
with you until that day returned--
I have returned, and so be it
in hell, I guess I'll burn.
I know this shell, this body
it  simply does not mind...
my futile attempts, my dear,
to make you see when blind

I will make you see when blind
know the being from inside,
feel my coming to your bed
making truth of all I lied.
Rising up from phantoms past,
lantern lit, the virgin comes.
I am ready for the calling,
fists are shaking on the drums.
Lips they quiver, and they speak
silent chants to draw you near,
as the words from past, envelope
present whispers on your ear.
Silent drops of admiration
as the drugs course through my soul.
I will feel those arms of heaven
take their prize and take their toll.
As those waters lick the shore now
and the dead ones stay devoted-
I will journal all the verses,
I will keep those quotes you quoted.
I will keep those quotes you quoted.
I will keep those quotes you quoted.
I will keep those fucking quotes you quoted.

I will keep your poems dear

You will know me once again
as you knew me long before.
I will give to you the answer
I will open up the door.
Sleep so silent on your pillow
not a motion not a sound.
I will sleep upon my cushion
just as silent, underground

don't be daft, thats just a draft
there are no phantoms

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