Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My loup-garou

inside my lunacy hollow .
 torturous zephyr
pull and tug...I swallow
I can almost hear you call to me
on the breeze, senses inflamed...
On my flesh, in my eyes
feral beast...I cannot tame

come to me

Take this gift
from my chest
where the drums pound
void of rest
in the rift till now

My loup-garou...My dear
you are my last faithful vow
silken voices in the trees
whisper things that ruin  me
rumble rumble
but the skies are clear

come to me, my dear

Oh, the stars will watch
my demise...
my fate...no love but thine
phantom of the forest
stop this breath of mine
near my rest, my plee...

Come to me

My open arms scream my mortality
black and suffocating life
no more

come to me

Your bite-the open door
set me free

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