Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Bad Wine

It is tender in it's frailty
the first tear that falls;

a drop filled with truth.

It is a horrible peice of me,
a regret that spoke.

The moment is circling.

I have been here before
It is beautiful, the lie,
a smile coaxed to life
and a laughter in pain.


Your story is quite sweet;
you kiss the pain away.

Your words are like slivers of glass
and i dance on tip toes.

  Shards slip in releasing the
crimson flood of my defeat;


Looped and repeating;
i watch outside the shell,
consciousness floating above.

Numb, i flail for something
solid to ground me;
focusing on your words
of comfort.

You thank me for
being honest and

I beg for your return.

A word spoken betrays
spaces between, sad letters-
and you are gone.

It begins again

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