Sunday, June 23, 2013

the release

admiration, I gave
and then turned away
twirling spinning
and falling into
my dismay
fretting, fuming
and gritting my
teeth with my hate
feeling, knowing
the torment
making one
making one
know the reason
for frailty and these
are like tears on
the shoulder of one
who you please
like lies that are true
oh so true that they lie
like a corner so dark
you cant move from your eye
like sins unforgiven
and no one finds peace
i feel the remainder
of pain's cold release
now deceased
given over to lust
in the morn
given over to something
that you have to scorn
laying motionless
bodies, I give my soul
till i lie in the coffin
as death beside you.
no pain now...none

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