Sunday, June 23, 2013


oh, defeat that she will give

past the time she wasted, live

yet,  the tears did drown the sive

but, she still tried to catch them.

Oh, she was the best to please

to all of them and all of these

make behave and make believes

but never did she give it

heart cave in so as  is we

drama filled as I may be

yet so true that you don’t see

what she felt,  she owned it.

needed and yet seperated

the baby cried and so  frustrated

cried. oh woe, for woe is traded

is she.* wipes eyes* yet, undone?

She wandered here and yet she knew

and wandered there and never true

until she found her heart in you

peace and yet her heart is void.

heart felt empty still unknown

Those accusations made alone

wrapped around the rag and bone

choked her half to hell and back

fame her weakness made her limber

finding in herself the member

she hated that she could remember

heart so dark. She held it near.

resented  the betrayal lept

into flames burned all except

someone she admired and kept

in his darkened ego.

she felt it and the  desperate plee

to understand the ways, and the

reasons for her groveling plee

sit within her loss and cried

Of the dwindling pride did  stir

it made the hate well up in her

make believe and then did stir

fear of invisible nothings.

Oh, but words, her only friend

took hold her hand with hungry pen

another world so deep within

made a better her for her

pulling threads that surely scar

bound and stitched her hurt by far

like the strings on a guitar

pulled so close she was them

wounds o wounds with scars that drip

from her eyes I took a sip

with my hand i traced the rip

that made her smile again.

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