Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Life said more

life said more
as if i was willing
to live it...
pain said yes
to the edge I
was willing to give it.
hiding alone in
a cold cell/
battered beaten
... and wandering
life said
take this and take that
till life seemed
to fall flat
as my body was lying
cold prone
but life has been
cruel and patterned
with gruel
till I have been
anchored alone

life said more
give and then go
and then make
and then form
and then speak...

life said to me
this is not over yet

I will torture
and confine the

giving more than
the humanoid body
can take
I will rise up and
strike you once more

I will give to you
measure and measure
of hate
till you crawl on
your knees to deaths

then life said more
and more of this hell
till the waves of your
suffering swell

I was done...sorely done
with all life had to give
and with day coming near
I would run
I was done ...sorely done
with humanities care
so I made all my peace
with the gun

life said why..oh why
and it cried

but death and i mourned
while society scourned
while life
took a knife
not for me, nor forewarned
for life took a dive
and it died

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