Sunday, June 16, 2013

deeply embedded

How deeply embedded
is the nail, spike
..the burning blade?
I placed the code
did you get it?
Where in this hell we
have made...
where is mercy
going hard?
The purpose is nothing;
life dealt its card.
Blinded and raving;
animals within
pacing, fuming...
recreating the sin.
So where do I begin?
I've been broken
 from the beginning...
destined to be your creep.
I see now
why I cannot sleep.
Let's face it...
I'm worm food
now--later--doesn't matter.
Dreams show me
the aftermath's splatter.
Courage... one step-
pressure vice
grinding down...
Wouldn't it be nice
if this were but a dream...
and my heart didn't
But you are oblivious
and you suffer not
by this disease that I got.

how deeply embedded...

dreaded and looked upon
with eyes of reluctance
forgetting my human

a waving grass in fields of hundreds...

a grain of sand amongst millions

something which means nothing

to you

you...who are
and deeply embedded
in yourself.

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