Sunday, June 23, 2013


weight of your body upon me, I feel
the strange sensation of something not real
the odd vibration in tune with the night
those eyes in passion portraying the light
pushing upon me, my will to be free
you stretch out your arms to welcome me
and then I see.
One moment of truth, one dread that I fear
I want just to hold you, to bring your heart near
to hear all those nothings fall onto my ear
this to me is not a game oh my dear
I see clear
I struggle to move you, your weight is too strong
I open my lips to sing loudly our song
and out of the window, they hear it, the throng
I beg and I plead for the moment done wrong
to be gone
You push your cold finger against my soft lips
and I suck all the nectar from your fingertips
my mind is awash with your lies and my trips
the blood and the honey it drips
and you nip
taking a little into your whole being
the monster before me, I know I am seeing
but i lay here beneath you instead of just fleeing
I gasp as you enter me
pulling you closer
I feel your whole soul in my throat
Calling out your name in riddles
whimpering into the death of my dreams
I relinquish to you, my control
those times you have taken
as you take me now
are gone in the uselessness
of  time somehow

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