Sunday, June 23, 2013

Funky love ghost

I spoke to the bottle
and it spoke back
I smiled and i laughed
and gave it a smack

Too silly to care
if I knew what to do
cuz all I could think of
was talking to you

Alone in the night
bout to fall from my chair
I heard your voice
turned, and you were not there

I looked around slowly
in fear of your ghost
to see you again dear
I dreaded the most

Not cuz i dont love you
or cuz i dont feel
it's just that the phantom
would cease to be real

And if you did come now
I guess I could cope
and dwell in the morning
with residual hope

I am full of poison
and spirits consume me
my mind is a blur now
and yet I'm not free

so leave me to deal with
my anger and pride
as I drink myself stupid
and enjoy the ride

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